2017 Events


Dates Event Location
14-15 Feb Inside 3D Printing Singapore Suntec City
14-16 Mar Asia Pacific Maritime MBS
4-7 Apr MTA 2017 Singapore EXPO
27 Apr HP 3D Printing Singapore Open House HP Centre of Excellence
5-21 May ADM Show 2017 ADM NTU
17 May Metal 3D Additive Manufacturing: Commercialisation for Industry Innovis
23-25 May CommunicAsia 2017 MBS
22-23 Jul Makerfaire Singapore 2017 Science Centre
26-28 Jul Singapore Gifts and Premium Fair MBS
6-7 Sep TechX Suntec City
19-20 Sep TechInnovation MBS
25-27 Oct MSE 2017 Singapore EXPO
23-24 Nov Asian Robotics Week MBS


Dates Event Location
5-8 Jan Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, NV, USA
10-12 Jan PSI 2017 Düsseldorf, Germany
24 Jan 3D Printing Electronics Conference Eindhoven, the Netherlands
31 Jan 3D Bioprinting Conference Maastricht, the Netherlands
31 Jan 3D Dental Printing Conference Maastricht, the Netherlands
1 Feb 3D MedTech Printing Conference Maastricht, the Netherlands
1 Feb 3D Medicine Printing Conference Maastricht, the Netherlands
2 Feb 3D Printing Materials Conference Sittard-Geleen, The Netherlands
2-3 Feb Inside 3D Printing @ Düsseldorf Düsseldorf, Germany
4-8 Feb Printpack India Greater Noida, India
7-9 Feb Industrial Print Expo Mexico 2017 Monterrey, Mexico
9-12 Feb Inside 3D Printing Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey
15-17 Feb 3D Printing 2017 Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
15-17 Feb Convertech Japan Tokyo, Japan
1-3 Mar Asiamold 3D Printing Asia Guangzhou, China
6 Mar Additive Manufacturing Expo Lucerne, Switzerland
7-9 Mar Rapid Pro 2017 Veldhoven, The Netherlands
8-10 Mar TCT Asia 2017 Shanghai, China
13-14 Mar 3D Step Master’s Studio: 3D Printing of Composites Ylöjärvi, Finland
14-15 Mar Inside 3D Printing New York New York, USA
15 Mar 3D Step Education: Design and 3D Printing Ylöjärvi, Finland
16-17 Mar Select Bio BioEngineering 2017: BioMEMS, 3D-BioPrinting & Synthetic Biology Boston, USA
18-21 Mar 2017 South China International 3D Printing Expo Guangzhou, China
19-23 Mar Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference Chicago, USA
19 Mar Nova Maker Faire Reston, USA
24-26 Mar 3P – Plas Print Pack Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan
25-26 Mar 2017 Midwest RepRap Festival Goshen, India
25-26 Mar Makerfaire Ruhr Dortmund, Germany
28-30 Mar 3D Printing Days Kielce, Poland
28-30 Mar Sign & Digital Sign UK Birmingham, UK
30-31 Mar 3D Medical Applications Baltimore, USA
1-2 Apr Maker Faire UK Newcastle, UK
3-4 Apr 3D Print Expo Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
4-5 Apr 3rd International Specialist Conference 3D Printing Bremen, Germany
4-6 Apr 3D Printing: Medical-to-Industrial Products Las Vegas, USA
6-8 Apr Graphics Canada Toronto, Canada
7 Apr 3D Step Revolution Day Ylöjärvi, Finland
7-9 Apr Innotech Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine
8-9 Apr Maker Faire Miami Miami, USA
18 Apr 3D Step Master’s Studio: 3D Printed Pieces After Treatment Ylöjärvi, Finland
20-21 Apr Materialise World Summit Brussels, Belgium
20-22 Apr 3D Print Hub Milan, Italy
22-23 Apr Maker Faire Chicago Chicago, USA
26-27 Apr Label & Print Zurich 2017 Zurich, Switzerland
27-18 Apr 15th Conference on Rapid Design Prototyping and Manufacturing Newcastle, UK
27-30 Apr Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair Hong Kong
6-7 May Make Munich Munich, Germany
8-11 May Rapid + TCT Accelerated 3D Manufacturing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
8-12 May Inside 3D Printing Melbourne  Melbourne, Australia
10-11 May Additive Manufacturing 3D Show Dubai, UAE
10-11 May 3D Printing Europe 2017 Berlin, Germany
12-13 May Entraine 3D Print Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
13-14 May Maker Faire Austin Austin, TX, USA
16-17 May Select Bio 3D Printing in Science European Congress Hannover, Germany
17-18 May SKZ Forum: Additive Serienfertigung Würzburg, Germany
17-18 May 2nd International Conference on 3D Printing in Medicine Mainz, Germany
19-20 May Nordic 3D Expo Vantaa, Finland
19-21 May Maker Faire Bay Area San Francisco, USA
20-21 May Maker Faire Vienna Vienna, Austria
30 May 3D Printing Live! The Nordic Additive Manufacturing Show Copenhagen, Denmark
5-6 June Inside 3D Printing São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil
9-11 June Maker Faire Berlin Berlin, Germany
13-16 June 3D Print Les Recontres de la Fabrication Additive Lyon, France
20-22 June Fabcon 3.D Erfurt, Germany
23-24 June Entraine 3D Print Europe Austria
26-28 June Additive Manufacturing Europe 2018 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
28 June 3D Food Printing Conference Venlo, The Netherlands
28-30 June Inside 3D Printing Seoul Seoul, South Korea
4-7 Jul MTA Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
21-22 Jul Entraine 3D Print New York New York, USA
21-22 Jul Entraine 3D Printing in Healthcare Dubai Dubai, UAE
11-12 Aug Entraine 3D Print Middle East Doha, Qatar
19-21 Aug The 5th Shanghai International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition & Summit Shanghai, China
25-27 Aug Maker Faire Hannover Hannover, Germany
Sep 3D Print Conference Kiev Kiev, Ukraine
15-16 Sep Entraine 3D Print India New Delhi New Delhi, India
18-19 Sep Entraine 3D Print India Bangalore Bangalore, India
Sep 2017 Inside 3D Printing Shanghai Shanghai, China
22-24 Sep Maker Faire New York New York, USA
23-24 Sep Maker Faire Milwaukee Milwaukee, USA
26-28 Sep TCT Show 2017 Birmingham, UK
3-6 Oct Inside 3d Printing Tokyo (3DPrinting@home at CEATEC) Tokyo, Japan
15-16 Oct Entraine 3D Print UAE Dubai, UAE
24-26 Oct Euromold 2017 Munich, Germany
24-28 Oct The 7th All In Print China 2018 Shanghai, China
8-9 Nov Prototyping Expo 2017 Kortrijk, Belgium
14-17 Nov Mesago Formnext 2017 Frankfurt, Germany
Autumn 2017 3D Print Expo Moscow Moscow, Russia
4-5 Dec Inside 3D Printing San Diego San Diego, California, USA
6-8 Dec Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017 California, USA
7-8 Dec Inside 3D Printing Mumbai Mumbai, India

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