3DSystems Launches New Printer Series

ProJET MJP 3600 series

3D Systems introduces its latest printer series – the ProJET MJP 3600. Utilising MultiJet Printing technology, the series is said to print up to twice the speed of the previous generation and supports files up to 250% larger.

The series utilises VisiJet M3 plastic materials, which deliver high detail, high temperature resistance and watertight surfaces. These are useful for fluid flow visualization, design verification and snap-fit assemblies.

Examples of products printed using ProJET MJP 3600 printers

ProJET MJP 3600 printers can print detailed wax patterns for jewellery casting and precise patterns for other lost wax foundry casting applications. MJP allows wax supports to melt away from tight spaces. This allows greater design freedom and easier post-processing. Its ability to print in USP Class VI capable, bio-compatible materials can also help answer the need for precise models and casting wax ups in dental and medical applications.

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