Darthrith – Designer For the Dark Side

#Star Calvin Kam, also known as Darthrith in cyberspace, was a left-handed doodler who became an animator and 3D modeller in university. Surfing the net, Calvin came upon a video of a 3D printer. That was the beginning of his journey into serious 3D modeling and printing, his turning over to The Dark Side. Ginkgo3D: Tell us a bit about yourself, Calvin. Calvin: I’m a freelance 3D artist based in Kuala Lumpur, designing 3D graphics for corporate video and television commercial TVC […]

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Desmond Chan: The Romance of 3D Printed Jewellery

He couldn’t get a special present for the love of his life, so he made one for her, marrying his 3D modelling skills with 3D printing. From a single star pendant to an entire collection of jewellery for luck and love, Desmond Chan has come a long way.   Q: Your recently – launched Kinetic Ring seems like a precious but playful ring. Are your designs generally playful? A: My intention is to create a fun and playful ring that […]

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