Print Your Own Diamond Jewellery in the Future

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(Source) – What if you can print your own diamond jewellery from home?

Aerospace and Defense corporation Lockheed Martin has invented a 3D printer that can print diamonds. The printer is originally intended to make drill heads, but its technology makes it just as capable of printing custom diamond jewellery. 

This diamond 3D printer uses a pre-ceramic polymer such as poly(hydridocarbyne), which contains structural similarities to diamonds. To form the 3D object, the ceramic powder and polymer are deposited layer by layer. The deposit is then heated to temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in an inert atmosphere. This causes pyrolysis, which results in the formation of poly-crystalline diamond.

A patent for this diamond 3D printer has already been filed by Lockheed Martin. You can access the full patent application here.

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