Gold Laces to Go with Your Gold Medal?

Presenting the adidas Futurecraft Triple Black. Now it’s time to really go for the gold!
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As if being a national hero and winning that gold medal wasn’t good enough. How about some gold-laced 3D printed custom-made shoes?

With big time sportswear brands like Nike and Under Armor making the news in the Rio Olympics 2016 with 3D printing, everyone just knew it was a matter of time adidas joined the playing field.

You definitely can’t compare it to a million Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles, but owning a pair of these exclusive bad boys will probably make any sneakers enthusiast go green-eyed with envy.


The first of its kind from the German sportswear giant, the new Futurecraft shoes are not only just 3D printed, they’re exclusively available to selected adidas sponsored athletes in the Olympics this year. The first pair went out to New Zealand Women’s silver medalist rugby player Tyla Nathan-Wong.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that’s only for the winners and medalists, since each individual pair will come with either gold, silver or bronze laces, depending on the athlete’s achievements in the games.

Loving the mesh design print on the body. To be honest, silver’s pretty cool too! Image credit:

Loving the mesh design print on the body. To be honest, silver’s pretty cool too! Image credit:

Aside from the fact that this is probably the ultimate Olympian swag any athlete can ever get their hands on, the technology in these pair of sneakers is astoundingly impressive.

Each adidas Futurecraft shoe consists of an engineered 3D web structure, along with a 3D printed heel counter. Having a glue-less and stitch-less design combined with the new 3D printed highly breathable Primekit upper theoretically means that shoes can expect less wear and tear in the long run. Combined with 3D printed mid soles that are customized for a perfect fit, this shoe is basically every athlete’s dream come true.

Prototype of the Futurecraft sneakers. Image credit:

Prototype of the Futurecraft sneakers. Image credit:

3D printed shoes that promise customization with a longer and sustainable life cycle is starting to become an area every player in the market is exploring. 3D printing also opens up several opportunities to experiment with many different structures and designs that were simply not possible with traditional methods in the past.

Looking at where the trend is heading towards, don’t be surprised if we’ll all be sporting 3D printed shoes soon.



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