Project: Stairwell of Olden Days

Meet the Designer

This is Jiayin’s second project submission. Check out Jiayin’s other project Generation, also featured on Ginkgo3D.

Project: Stairwell of Olden Days

Context & Inspiration

Inspired by the spiral staircase, the jewellery pieces are designed to represent how people’s lives rotate in a seemingly endless loop. The perspective of endlessness is captured in a loop in the bangle design. The stairs are designed with equal lengths.

Jewellery is a part of people’s lives. Each work contains the essence of personal art and design. Here, I have included works of traditional, innovative, modern styles in an all-in-one style. Jewellery is not mere decorative ornaments, it is the product of a combination of cutting-edge technology and fashion.

Final Product

[easy-image-collage id=22824]

This comes as a set consisting of earrings, bangle and necklace. It is on sale on Ginkgo3D here.

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