Siemens Solid Edge ST8 Gets Good Reviews

Singapore: “Solid Edge ST8 allows you to focus more on your design and less on your software” was the Siemens claim at the launch of its popular CAD software recently. After a live demonstration of its new features, attendees to the event were happy with the souped-up features and the improvements to simplify and reduce the steps taken to complete a design. In addition to serious learning, participants were treated to a show of 3D printing technology, coffee breaks and even a mini wine-appreciation course in French wines. Organised by Engineering Computer Services Singapore ECSS, the event drew participants from different industries, ranging from manufacturing to marine engineering.

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GB Prithiviraj

Left: Attending the Siemens Solid Edge ST8 launch, GB Prithiviraj (right) saw 3D printers at work for the first time and was impressed. When Nazri from ECSS asks him his impression of the whole event, he answered with one word: Good!

Right: Before the Main Event: An exhibit of 3D printers before the launch draws attention as more and more CADDers are using 3D printing to produce prototypes and even working models of their designs.


SolidEdge8 crowd

Patiently waiting: Some of the attendees at Solid Edge ST8 Launch, waiting for the live demonstration to begin. To get more information, contact

kaya totong talk

3D Printing Revolution: Senior lecturer Kaya Totong of Ngee Ann Polytechnic discusses how CAM software plays an important role in additive manufacturing. He believes that expiring patents means that there will be more affordable 3D printers coming our way. Ngee Ann Poly uses different CAD software in its training programmes, and Solid Edge is one of the staples in its classes. Currently, Ngee Ann owns several Makerbot printers, a UPrint and a Polyjet. “It is not easy to handle a 3D Printer. Some of my students cannot even operate a Makerbot well,” he says. Nevertheless, Kaya predicts that 3D printing will revolutionise the world in the next few years.


Left: Already a believer – Mechanical Engineer Lokesh Kumar likes the number of improvements in the new Solid Edge ST8. He believes they are useful in his job, designing for a marine engineering firm. “I’m already a Solid Edge 7 user, and now I’m a user of Solid Edge 8,” he says.

Right: Finding lost links – Engineer Marvin Barriga likes the new features because they are useful for him as a designer specialising in customised elevator parts, lift interiors, architectural sheet metal and advertising panels. “I especially like the feature where we can find lost or broken links easily. This was a problem I used to face, so now it saves a lot of time for me.”



Like Me, Like You: Applications Engineer Leon Yap singled out the ‘Like Me’ feature in the new Solid Edge for mention because it allows him to design repetitive elements in his materials-testing equipment quickly and easily. Young-looking Leon has been a loyal ECSS customer for 10 years, and is full of praise for the support he receives from ECSS in the form of Daniel Goh (right). This forward-looking designer is also looking towards to using the 3D printing services offered by Andrew Loh (left) at his e-commerce portal

appreciating wine after event

Appreciating Bordeaux – The event concludes with a wine-tasting session. Invitees get to sample wines from five different regions in France, and each walks away with a Smart Watch, courtesy of the organiser ECSS. Get more information about Solid Edge ST8 at

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